Home remodel finish line

I'm at the finish line for remodeling my house - as far as big projects go. I seriously miscalculated in my plans. I expected a new counter top would cost me $150. I did my homework but did it casually. The failure was to not calculate charges for special cuts and the sad fact that the counter top is hard to match - 16 years old. The quote was $510 for one counter top. Denied. Did some Winnie-the-pooh thinking and bought $160 of epoxy and set to making my own counter tops. I'd rather do it myself. I'm not into perfection. I'm into character – which is code for, I make a lot of mistakes but turn them to my favor. Art, that's what controlled mistakes are. I love epoxy. It is just like paint, except its permanent and a blow torch has to be used to pop bubbles as the epoxy cures. How fun is that? Fire! I've got the seal coat ( prime ) on the counter now. Bubbles have been bursting faster than recent college graduates discovering what entry level salaries really are. At 8 PM, it is flood-coat time. When the bell chimes, there is going to be more serious torch action. Die bubbles, die!