I can't settle for clean. I need magically clean. I went looking for something in a realm between the illusion of spick-and-span clean and Salvador Dali with a mop floating in a space age kitchen clean. At the store, I found on the bottom of the rack – the cheap-o shelf – the magic cleaner of my dreams. I discovered FABULOSO. It was colored the fakest glowing blue. The product promised MAXIMUM clean. That means the cleaner is magic or highly flammable – both are fun. To add power to the situation, I acquired a proper mop bucket. I've been using a sorry rubber bucket and mop as maggie as a back county garbage bin dog. Not one of those average dogs that hang out by the nice shiny green trash bins. A beast that hangs by the nasty gray, speared by a forklift, backed into by a Chevy, then dragged around the yard by a Ford while the bin is burning kind of trash canisters. Ugly dog, ugly. The new mop bucket is a pleasure. It has a mechanical press for wringing out the mop. I consider often how loud someone might sequel if their head was in it. I wonder how many ten-year-old boys have tried to find out. Fabuloso!