Teddy Roosevelt Hat

I made a Teddy Roosevelt hat. He's a hero. My main cause for admiration is that Roosevelt was his own man. I'd like to be like that, my own man. Not president – way too much work, but that wouldn't be a problem today. We'd never elect a man like him in 2016, too much personality. Making a Roosevelt felt slouch hat was one of my side projects. I keep things going for months, tinkering in downtime. Since the bits and pieces were laying around a long time the hat seemed to just appear to my kid. I put the hat on while making breakfast. Moran gave me a look of you are not going to wear that in public are you? Her look, to me, was a double dog dare. I drove her to school wearing the hat. Sitting in the car, she said, “Dad”. That's all, just “Dad.” I choked back a laugh, which must have been what Teddy Roosevelt was going all the time with that crazy grin of his. The drive to school became a bonus history lesson. I'm a storyteller, and it started with “George Furman and Teddy Roosevelt go way back...” At school, I took the hat off, but when she got out of the car I grinned and said “3 o'clock pick up” and before the door slammed I yelled, “Bully!” Wish I could hear Morgan explain her Dad to friends