Mother of Dragons

A productive way of being non-productive on a Sunday is to start a fire. I reduced a pile of branches to ash. It's not hard work. Toss a match, watch it burn. I sat in a lawn chair next to my pal Griffy. We talked. We're guys,we talked about rocks. How a river stone can be tossed in a fire, the water expanding faster than the rock can expand, causes the rock to explode. It's a thing, it happens. You could be blinded or killed. There are lots of weird ways to die and we reviewed them because that's what men do when sitting around a fire. That and trying to figure out ways to use hot flaming marshmallows like napalm. When the fire settled to ash we began to hose down the ashes. When we did, a salamander crawled from the ashes like she was the Mother of Dragons. Death proof critters, it's a thing.