Esme Patterson Hell Fire Ride

I took a Hell Fire Ride last night. My old pal Jeremy Averitt invited me out on a Monday night to the High Watt in Nashville. I had a large time. I made the acquaintance of the charming and complicated Esmé Patterson - whose band Jeremy plays bass for. I enjoyed the show. True to my quirks, I found full happiness cruising Broad with my friends in the back of a pickup truck at night's end. I'm all about Nashville's neon lights and now, after seeing the show, I'm all about Esme. I'm fascinated by her music. She is the sound of my summer.

South by South-West

At South by South-West, I had a chance to have a two hour lunch with an American rock star – Jeremy Averitt He took us to one of the best Mexican Restaurant in Austin – the name of which escapes memory, because I was driving and forced to focus entirely on understanding the British accent of the guy giving us directions through the packed streets. Jeremy played a show and had a few hours to killbefore catching a flight to Denver to do another show. I volunteered to give him a ride to the airport in the Open Range Zoo car after lunch - he took the bait. As the three of us talked, Morgan was curious about the way a rock star like Jeremy eats a taco and was constantly sneaking a peek at his lunch plate. Morgan talked a lot, not realizing or caring she was talking to a rock star. Jeremy gave Morgan generous advice on keyboards and music technology, complete with praise for the use of the Alabama travel case for instruments, in general. With Morgan as a distraction, I was able to take a few casual photos of Jeremy. It was a good education for the kid in the rock and roll life – tacos and all.