Hector Black love is greater than hate

I spent the day with my old friend Hector Black. He is 91 and a half – he counts the halves now, like a kid. Hector is old, he knows stuff. Hector knows more than most. If you don't know him he's one of those Harvard -WWII vet -piano playing-Quaker-blue berry farmer-civil rights leaders who enjoys blue cheese on his crackers. There is more to him than that for sure. The thing is, I spent the day with him and now my head if full of thoughts. In Nashville, We talked to some smart people today about Black Lives Matter, Trump, Hillary, poverty, the death penalty, lost friends, family, community, and the quality of Dublin cheese. At day's end, the world's problems had me feeling sad above the grief of rush hour traffic. At the Hermitage Exit, I asked him, “how do you take it? All this terrible stuff all your life, how do you take it?” An hour later at the Baxter Exit, Hector looked at me and said “I honestly believe, LOVE is greater than hate. That's how I take it.” Me too.

Hector's 90th Birthday

Chuck Sutherland brought a rock to Hector's 90th birthday party. I call Chuck Tennessee's Ansel Adams. Camera strapped, he is always in the woods, on a river, or crawling in cave slime.. if not, he's planning on it. I suspect the only reason we got to see him at Hector's home is because it's deep in the forest near the Pinnacles. Hector and Chuck love rocks – it's their thing. The stone is a chip off the hardest rock Chuck has in his collection. He plays a rock smashing game invented in childhood to test the strength of the rock. Chuck has scientific skills, but rock smashing is the fun density check. Hector was pleased, it was like watching 12 year olds drooling over the bid find.