It's over. It's on. Another dramatic Christmas in the storage box and cataloged in the scrap album. I keep my holiday memory books on the shelf between the holy bible and texts on combat in Vietnam. The holiday chaos is over and I'm back to a regular routine in the gym. If I die on the stationary bike, check out my scrapbook it will deliver more entertainment than a spaceman at a New Year's party. I was disappointed to not see any newcomers exercising their New Year's resolutions at the gym today. I enjoy giving advice to the newcomers, even though I've little idea of what I'm doing. My big qualifications are I trained with Chris King for a few weeks and my little brother earned his Iron Man tattoo at the legendary heatwave race in Kentucky... and I have a long term relationship with junk food. With no new people at the gym this morning to give advice to (flirt), I'm giving my advice out on FB. When you get the craving, buy the potato chips. Open the chips, eat a few, then dump them out of the car window. You are wasting $3.79. That is a cheap price for not putting 1,120 calories on your butt. You will overcome the craving and you will feel good. Next time, don't buy the chips, give me the $3.79 and I'll slap your skinny ass and direct you to the stationary bike. There you can watch TV shows about gourmet food and you will never eat chips again for fear I'll pat you on the butt again in public. You win with me.