Wurzburg Wedding

Presented with the opportunity to photograph a wedding in Germany, I said yes. I'd read a meme about risk taking, one that said – I don't exactly recall what it said – but it suggested screw it, do it. Worry about the details later. I did it. The slogan I prefer is, “life is too short to drink bad wine” – which is what I did on the plane. I love how people clap when the airplane lands – must be the wine. On the train ride to Wurzburg, I altered the slogan to life is too short to drink bad beer – because in Germany the have the best beer – try the Kellerbier or Zwickelbier (same thing). At the wedding of Gunther & Linda Reimherr there was both good wine and great beer. A quality selection I attribute to Gunther being the third cousin once removed to the Kaiser – Franz Beckenbauer – the one true Kaiser. None shall hold the throne as Franz did. I took 2,653 photos at the wedding, which had six events and lasted – for me – for 17 hours. Sleep, who needs it. I hope to share many of the best photos from the wedding in the future – once the bride approves. I cherish my new German friends. ScheibenKleister, we had a good time! I look forward to retelling their Great Gatsby stories, as many of them are relatives of both Gatsby and the Kaiser... and a few of them know the details of how the Seventh Bank of Dutchland was relieved of 6.6 billion Deutschmarks and a Golden Ninja statue of significant value, but that is another story.