People of the Upper Cumberland

I went to the library and used the back door so no one would see me. It didn't work. I ran into Professor Michael Bridwell. He hornswoggled me into buying a copy of People of the Upper Cumberland. He told me the book was written by local outlaw intellectuals like Mark Dudney andLaura Austin Clemons. I'm the only fool in town who goes to the library and buys a book. I'm a happy fool. The history book is a rare collection of great Tennessee history. The essay I'm hot to read is the story about the Native Americans in Tennessee. Which I'm surprised to find the average Tennessean doesn't know shit about – really. There are also tales about traveling and doing business on the Cumberland River - and of course, the best business is Moonshine. Birdwell knows more about moonshine than an old woman knows about other people's business. What he has to say about booze is surprising – there is a lot of nourishment in an acre of corn. Sadly, I blew all my whiskey money on the book and the text does not come with a free mason jar, as I think it should. Just as well, I want to remember these stories.