Father Furman's Pizzeria

Never feel right calling a snow day in Tennessee a snow day. I've seen New York, Vermont, and Canada's Great White North. It would be better to call a day off from school in Cookeville an ice flurry slush run for bread and milk day. Too long I concede; snow day works, leave it. I make bread on snow days and play video games with my kid while the yeast does its job. Today, the yeast didn't work and I had to make two passes at pizza dough. We logged hours on Xbox's Borderlands II. I suck. I love the sniper rifle, so I don't care if I suck as long as I'm melting monsters with green plasma at a distance. I'm stilling learning to make pizza. Today I learned to use corn meal to stop the crust from sticking to the pizza stone. I also learned I can set the pizza on the bottom rack to cook the crust if it's a little doughy still. My final lesson is, my child likes onions if they are well cooked and in a small number chopped so tiny she doesn't know they are in the pizza. Today's miracle performed with a vegetable knife. That's the big knife people get stabbed with in scary movies – all scary movies.