Fire Bell Boys

The fire bell rang. The bunk house emptied out and the Summerlin boys were the first to the barn. There was no fire. In the barn,there was a horrid noise that sounded like two giant rats fighting in a sack. The boys drew their guns. “Let’s go in, “shouted Jack! “Don’t corner something that you know is meaner than you, “shouted John, “Stay here!” They braced themselves. The barn doors burst open. It was a bear, no ordinary bear, a prehistoric 15 foot 7 inch bear. John started to warn his brothers, “Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear…or a fool from any direction,” shouted little Joe! The Summerlin boys started shooting and kept shooting, till the bullets ran out. The bear didn’t care. “We’re going to die” cried John and fell to his knees to pray. “We’re going to die” agreed Joe, falling to his knees. Just then Jack looked over his shoulder, “It’s a twister, here comes a twister! Run! Everyone ran, even the bear.